The most charming Balearic island

Minorca, the northernmost Balearic island, full of charm and awesome sites, was declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Since its origins, Minorca has received the most diverse Mediterranean cultures, evidence found in its “talayots” (huge Prehistoric stones), its Muslim heritage, and the British legacy. In spite of all that, Minorca has preserved its own peculiar idiosyncrasy.

Starry nights

Our adventure starts in the afternoon, with our boat setting off from the Port of Barcelona. The first thing to be done at the very beginning of the sailing: get to know each other and set the basic cohabitation rules. Sailing at night will allow us to enjoy the amazing starry sky and get used to the rhythm of the sailboat. At dawn will be able to spot the coast and reach the city of Ciutadella, our first stop. There, after a stroll through its narrow streets, we’ll buy our provisions for the rest of the trip. Back at the boat, we’ll start our sailing along the coastline.
After our great experience, we’ll return to the Port of Barcelona.

Beaches, cliffs and fun

During our journey, we’ll anchor in heavenly creeks to practice snorkelling and admire the amazing seabed. We’ll enjoy walking along the Camí dels Cavalls and tasting its particular gastronomy, including the famous “sobrasada”, a variety of cheese and the delicious “caldereta”.
In the south, Macarella, Turqueta, Degollador, Es Caló Blanc will surprise us with their turquoise waters and white sand, all with a spectacular background full of green pines. In the north, we’ll find the amazing and contrasting colours of slate, red sandstone and golden sand in semidesert beaches, such as Cala Tortuga o Cavalleria.

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