The activity

If you are fond of water skiing, come with us and try a new variety, the wakeboard, and move freely, jump and hoop by means of a wire tied to a motorboat. We’ll show you how to enjoy the experience if it is your first time. Some basic notions and security measures are needed, but we are here to solve any problem. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment, including the lifejacket.

Experience the emotion of sliding on the water following the motorboat wake and you’ll see how fun it is.
This activity will take place in Playa de Aro, and you can enjoy it for 15 minutes or even a whole hour.

15 minutes

50per person*

1 hour

170per person*

*The price includes the motorboat for 5 people maximum with a professional skipper.

*2 people can practice wakeboard or skiing at the same time.

Find us here!

We are just in the middle of the main beach in Platjad’Aro.